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AstroWings game series enters its final stretch with this third installment, ICARUS. The developer has created Livezen Corp unparalleled saga with these three shoot’em ups , with a gameplay and a lifetime latest graphics. Today we will give a brief overview of what we offer this latest installment, but hopefully the fans listen to and follow extending the franchise several parts more.

First impressions and gameplay

We have a title with great expectations , but that is out of reach quality Sky Force 2014. Still, we have fun for a while. In ICARUS we will control one of three ships available, Ares, Athena and Poseidon, three gods of Greek mythology with which to destroy enemy ships through all the levels offered by the game. Each will have their basic weapons features that can be improved as we collecting coins and eliminating rivals.

As in any game of this kind, have bosses to to defeat. We will use all our arsenal (lasers and various explosives) to volatilize our intergalactic foes. The menu from which you access to the games is no big deal, and like something out of a low quality game. But we can ensure that they have focused on getting the best out of the saga for the fan and the gamer of such games enjoy from beginning to end .

The control is plain vanilla ICARUS will guide our ship through space by clicking on it and moving your finger across the screen, in order to dodge the enemies and find the best position give us the right to delete more easily. Also, we have prepared two extra buttons for secondary weapons , as explosives or multiple laser that will help us to finish before the bosses.

graphic and sound effect

ICARUS is presented as a title in two dimensions with overhead perspective (top) as ever. Not one iota diverts developer which are representing the shoot’em ups lifetime. With a colorful visuals and varies depending on the number of enemies you’ve shown on screen, this game keeps surprising us both elements move smoothly. As for the sound, we have a music with a frenetic pace and multitude of sound effects.


If you’re a / a lover of this kind of titles, ICARUS is chosen to occupy the coming hours of casual game you have to go. The third installment of AstroWings offers us more of the same, but quality. A game like this you can not ask for anything more, unless you are the creator of Sine Mora. The game is in Spanish, is free and downloaded we go to 36 MB only. Hopefully not end the series with this part and delight us with more in the future.

Google Play | AstroWings – ICARUS (Free)


Gameplay 1
Gameplay 2
Gameplay 3
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Gameplay 5
Gameplay 6

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