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Portada del juego

There are people who make their living stealing money from the poor for their own benefit, and some that risk their lives every day just outside the stride of his driveway . It is the case of the protagonist of our game today, a villager whose cabin is constantly being besieged by creatures of the forest and swamp. If you, whom would think moving to a place?

First Impressions and Gameplay

In today’s game, help to typical owner of a cabin in the swamp inside the United States to solve their ‘glitches’ with the local fauna. Upon entering the game we find an options menu where you can play, go to the store title or go to settings.

When playing, they will be in a horizontal map showing the levels that we have passed and we have left. We A total of 102 screens divided into 5 worlds or different locations . With a rather unfortunate aspect, our hero will sit quietly in his rocking chair on the porch of his house waiting for the arrival of every living creature.

We simply we Clicking on animals that want to shoot . It is best to aim for the head, then, in most cases, can kill the bug with a single touch. We will have a wide variety of animals, among which we find crocodiles, turtles and raccoons, to a total of 25 different .

Gameplay 4

As for the arsenal to stop this invasion, we will have up to 25 advocacy tools, among which are 9 weapons, explosives and 7 September defense devices . In addition, we spend in the store to get potions to revive in case of loss of our entire life bar. Moreover, the energy will be critical, as they go running each of the 6 batteries that appear recharged each in full every 10 minutes .

During the games will emerge from the swamp rubber ducks will give us coins and gifts that give us explosives. However, there will be several levels called “UFO” , in which we shoot at alien spaceships to get those coveted explosives.

Paragraph graphic and sound

In Swamp Attack shown us stage in two dimensions with hand drawn and colorful at all levels. Could be the cousin of the protagonist of Farm Invasion USA, but do not know. We have to settle this chubby character who wears white shirt and a baseball cap. The sound of guns sometimes not synchronized with the beats (especially when you click several times in succession). We may change the music during the game by clicking on the radio, it’s interesting, though offer us only 3 songs .

Gameplay 6


Swamp Attack comes to completely eradicate the protagonist of Where is My Water? and his closest friends. We pretty fun and sometimes we irritate the slow recharge weapons when just acquire them. The game is in Castilian, download rises to 50MB and is free, except for everything in the store.

Google Play | Swamp Attack (Free)


Gameplay 6
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