Share documents by WhatsApp Web as it is possible

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it Is a bit absurd to use WhatsApp Web to talk with our friends from the comfort of the PC and yet not being able to send files. Until now, that share documents by WhatsApp Web is now possible as we will see in the following image and you can try it from the web. All this after the official client of WhatsApp for Windows and Mac has come to light, so if you want to squeeze the possibilities of WhatsApp Web, continue reading this you’ll like it.

The guys at WhatsApp have just bet on this functionality to WhatsApp Web that allows you to document sharing. This you can do from the application for mobile and client computers, to share documents from any pathway is a reality in WhatsApp.

Share documents by WhatsApp Web

compartir documentos whatsapp webNow, from the Web Interface of WhatsApp we will be able to to share all that we have in local the easiest and fastest way to possible: anything from the gallery (photos, videos), possibility of taking pictures from the WhatsApp Web… and now we have this new option increases the possibilities from the browser, and has no waste.

To share documents from WhatsApp Web so you will only have to do click on the icon of “attached” from the conversation of the user with which you want to share documents, we see that we can document sharing. Don’t hesitate to try it, because it is already functional in these moments. So from these moments you can share the documents you want with your contacts, so you will only have to enter in the conversation that you want, click on the attachment icon and select the third option, of documents.

What a enjoy! What do you think of this new addition? you Can on these days in the comments. Should be out in all corners of the world, so sure that what you have.

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