Saves mobile data when you’re using Facebook with this trick

¿Tired of that Facebook will eat all the mobile data? As this article is going to come like ring to the finger. Here we are going to explain what it is that you have to do to save data when using Facebook on your Android phone.

How to turn on the saving mode data in Facebook

to Activate the data saving on Facebook is very, very, very simple. This mode not only allows you to save mobile data while using your 3G connection or 4G when you open Facebook, it will also make the app run faster and not have to load so many photos and videos.

Step 1

Ahorrar datos moviles Facebook Paso 1

  1. The first thing you should do is open the app of Facebook from your phone.
  2. once you open the app for the social network, you’ll need to click on the three small stripes that is displayed to the right of the screen.
  3. Will display a small menu, there you’ll have to click on the option Settings and privacy, is almost at the end of the list.

Step 2

Ahorrar datos moviles Facebook Paso 2

  1. you will Be shown a couple of options, within those options you have to click on the one that says Saving data.
  2. on the side of the phrase Saving data button appears, tap that button until it is blue in color.
  3. If all is done well, it should seem to another option like the one you see in the image.

The option of saving data that offers Facebook can be turned on and off as often as you want. The good thing about this option is that when you use a WiFi connection to the same is turned off automatically, this allows you to view videos and photos with a higher quality and without restrictions of any kind.

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