Samsung will manufacture screens that repel water


Samsung does not get tired after the horrible consequences of the Galaxy Note 7 explosive Samsung knows that all is not lost, despite having failed in one of its releases Samsung is a great company and many rely on the Galaxy S8 is the mobile reference, the boom of Samsung and which achieves, by order, oust many of their competitors after failing with the Note 7.

Now, the Galaxy S8 might already be gestandose and after hearing the latest rumors about its specifications, it seems that the Galaxy S8 will have phobia to the water and will have a screen that will repel water completely.

Galaxy S8

is A screen that repels the water?

The name of this new technology is called ORNL and it means Oak Ride National Laboratory, a license that Samsung has purchased for the manufacture of a sheet of porous glass nano-structured that will offer a transparent cover with the feel of the glass but which will be able to handle full liquids.

In the normal display for the drops to stay, with only a layer oleofóbica that is able to repel finger grease but in ORNL liquids will slip by completely of the surface without leaving even a trace.

For the moment it is not known when Samsung will implement this technology as Samsung tends to experiment with the series Notice and not with the Galaxy series, but even so, the material would be very suitable to protect any phone.

Currently, Samsung already has a high-end mobile that are resistant to water and dust with protection IP68 but this would mean that thanks to the material superhidrofóbico ORNL will complete the protection by ensuring the flash drying of the screen, drying need to be able to use the screen after wetting the phone or give any kind of use of this type. It will also allow the screens to operate well despite sweat or water poured over its surface.

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