Samsung will launch two flip phones in 2017

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a long time Ago that we heard for the first time of Project Valley, this secret project of Samsung is responsible for the manufacture of mobile phones with screens folding.

Now, thanks to Bloomberg, we know that the Korean giant will launch two new smartphones folding in 2017. Yes, according to the reports of the peer-reviewed website we know that Samsung will manufacture phones with OLED displays (AMOLED) folding the next year.

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Two Samsung Galaxy folding in 2017

For the moment there are not too many details or data relating to the hardware of the devices that must be adapted to this new format folding but we do know that there will be two smartphones different, one of them can be folded in half as if it were a small compact and the other will stretch the screen from 5 to 8 inches to be used as a tablet device, but its price should also be quite exorbitant.

Samsung should introduce these two new flip phones in the MWC February 2017 and it is certain that also be a surprise to Apple with the launch of the first iPhone to use an OLED screen as today’s OLED displays have been shown to be more efficient and have a quality of image more than acceptable in comparison with the IPS screens.

The mobile folding Samsung would not be of the Galaxy S series

Samsung has plenty of patents related to smartphones folding but we do know that the mobile Project Valley does not have the intention to go to market under the name Galaxy S. it is Not known if it actually would come with the series Notice, the series that has been testing all the different news but what is sure is that in case of leaving the market will be a revolution total.

Samsung is a great company and far from what everyone thinks you need to make money but to make money, you have to have good products on the market, the Samsung phones are not sold at great prices without be of good quality and although in the mid-range or low-do not do things so well, Samsung has shown that in the high-end knows how to make products that surpass all their rivals and bring them before them, that is what has to demonstrating.

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