Samsung wants to change patent law

samsung quiere cambiar ley patentes

it Is curious that Samsung wants to change patent law, when they themselves could be one of the most harmed, but they do not think so, and look at the antiquated system. Remember that patents are serving and have served always to protect the inventions of a product. However, the south Korean wants to change it, and believed that it could be more benefited. how can this Be true? you Will see.

Samsung looks to patent law obsolete

At this time, the devices should not have a single patent, because they are so complete that you could rely on to trillion. That is to say, if it infringes a single patent, all of the gain of the product could go directly to the owner of the patent. Come on, that would have more chances of winning, in the case of being one of those affected by “copy” of the patent.

apple denuncia a samsung patentecompanies need to take more care with what they produce, because there are many copies, and justice is not taking too much, so you see Samsung. However, I have not too long ago that copied the manufacturers is normal, to continue improving and advancing, so will be able to offer what there is and a small innovation to differentiate.

But this change in the patent law, might not benefit both to Samsung if the acusasen of plagiarism to Apple as already happened in occasion by patents. If this were so, with the amount of money that could mean the final amount, yes that could be wrapped up in a fine mess. How do you see this?

A step forward towards the change

however, the folks at Samsung have opted for value and the bull, by filing a petition before the Supreme Court of the united States in December of 2015 to review the current patent law. Many other manufacturers are also in the garlic, betting on the change, because without us go back to the last we are referring to the 1980’s.

it Is logical that they want to to adapt the patent to the modern world. Now we will have to see how well do they work, because with so many patents, one could get a good mess, and that we would have to pay to the landlord, would not mucus from turkey. Ideally, as we speak, that the patent and the cost of breaking the law is proportional to the product.

what Will succeed the law of patent Samsung? We’ll see what happens with time, since it is a sensitive topic, and these results could favor or harm to many.

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