Samsung might leave Android and use Tizen

Samsung Tizen

Samsung is a strong company, a large company, and stable. That allows Samsung to make decisions that other companies could not and according to some statements made last week Samsung could try to use Tizen on all of its products.

Yes, you heard it right, Samsung knows that Tizen works well, is respectful of your hardware and also maximizes the autonomy of their devices, as demonstrated with the Gear S2 with respect to a Android Wear was normal and that makes you think of Samsung in a better future.

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Samsung could use Tizen in the Samsung Galaxy

For now, the Galaxy line is one of the few in Samsung that uses something that is not Tizen, but since then the plans into the future are the use of this type of operating system that would interconnect the entire universe Samsung of perfect form.

Tizen is an operating system that also works on mobile but flee from Android to day of today would be a huge mistake. Yes, executives of Samsung claim that Tizen could bring their technology to another level without having to rely on other companies to implement improvements in the software.

is Not the first time that Samsung launches a phone with Tizen as it has done with the Samsung Z in India at a low price and good features. Now, despite the fact that Samsung is experiencing with the Z-line is still very soon to launch a Galaxy S with Tizen.

Tizen would allow Samsung to launch before the news

Tizen allows Samsung to be much more competitive and not depend on anyone else to make and develop but it is true that for the moment there are not so many applications for Tizen as for Android but if you did support the application of Android with Tizen (perfect shape) another rooster sing.

For the moment we do not expect to see a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Tizen but yes it is true that in the medium term (a few more years) Samsung will try to mess with Tizen in the big door, in a battle that will have to be waged against the big brands of Android and against Apple. Of time Samsung continues to be a benchmark but if you opt for Tizen things are going to be much more complicated.

Source | The Korea Times

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