Samsung joins Microsoft to offer full Office on some of its Android tablets

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Samsung wants to be the undisputed king of Android, and it will not hesitate to use everything in their power to achieve it. One of their strategies is to ally with Microsoft -habéis read welfare to offer something that no other brand can offer in Android full pack of Office applications on some of their tablets .

In total, should yield applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive with 100 GB for two years and Skype , which will make the tablets from Samsung acquired without any doubt, extra value over the competition. Thus, we do not need a Windows’ Do you know that Windows 10 is also updated to pirate versions – to work documents conditions, otherwise the Samsung devices can fulfill this task


Unfortunately do not know what Samsung models will be graced with this package of applications but this powerful union two clear conclusions are drawn. The first, Samsung has become one option to consider if productivity is sought in an Android tablet. Second, Microsoft -Android- enters a market with thousands of users offering a high quality product, made you can affect many benefits both short and long term.

Therefore, we can not but rejoice by this union, as has always been said that Android tablets only serve to consume multimedia content. Now, at least some Samsung- models also will be worth to work under . Anyway, if you are of those who do not are going to take advantage of these applications, you will not have to worry because it is very possible that can be removed without any problem.

Samsung is today and currently best positioned in the smartphone market thanks to Galaxy S6. Will also become the leader of the tablets thanks to its pact with Microsoft? What do you think?

And you do you think? You stop by Samsung Joins Microsoft to offer full Office on some of its Android tablets to leave your mark.

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