Samsung is like Apple: not all Galaxy S10 will have 5 cameras

In the last few months have been filtering all kinds of rumors about the Galaxy S10: fingerprint reader on the screen, 5 cameras… however, there are still many surprises to discover, and today’s not going to like it too: not all Galaxy S10 will have 5 cameras. do you Want to know why?

why not all the Galaxy S10 are going to have 5 cameras

was Not a secret that the Samsung Galaxy S10 would have five cameras, spread between the three of the main camera, in the style of Huawei P20 Pro, and a dual camera frontal. However, a report that they have been able to access the guys of Sammobile claims that, though this is true, it will not be a reality on all its models.

And the blame for this, of course, guess who has it. Yes, Samsung, but that is the logical answer. And is that there is an indirect culprit: Apple, and its controversial policies. We’ve all seen how the iPhone XR lost the dual camera at the expense of being “something cheaper”. More of the same thing will happen, in fact, with the Galaxy S10 more economic.

we could Even see how the five chambers are reserved for the top model, the Galaxy S10+. Therefore, their younger siblings would have to settle with a sort of more conventional combination:

  • Galaxy S10: dual-chamber front + dual rear camera.
  • Galaxy S10 Do You Lite?: double rear camera + a single front-facing camera.

In this way, the photographic experience would depend greatly on how much we were willing to spending, in the style of Apple. Personally, we’re not too in accordance with this policy, but we’ll have to see how it is accepted by the users. Be that as it may, does not appear to prevent the family of Galaxy S10 is a true success in sales.


AND that is, toyudados by the AI, I have no doubt that the results achieved with any of the three models are the best on the market. It would not be surprising that both three to enter of head in the top 10 of DxOMark, although to confirm this we will still have to wait.

What else do we know of the Galaxy S10 Plus?

Up to now we have received a thousand and one rumors about the Galaxy S10 but, what do we know about your model top? We have taken a look at all the rumors, and these are its main features:

  • curved Screen on both sides, without notch.
  • Triple rear camera, one for blur and one for the telephoto.
  • Double-front-facing camera.
  • fingerprint Reader on the screen.
  • Memory UFS 3.0 and RAM LDDR5
  • Memory RAM-6/8 GB and 128 GB minimum storage.

Seen this, we do not doubt that it is going to be one of the candidates to the mobile of the year. In addition, still has time to be the first mobile with five cameras!

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