Samsung has managed to sell 10 million Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge in a month

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As we read in the newspaper Korea Herald Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 leading edge and 10 million units sold within a month. Take this opportunity to remember that the terminal screen with curved edges has already gone through our analysis, where our friends Carlos and James and gave a good account of him.

The daily quotes “a senior executive at Samsung” whose identity has not been revealed as a source of information, has categorically said that “sales of the Galaxy S6 series have surpassed 10 millions “. Samsung normally usually announce these milestones with great fanfare, and no other Korean media that have covered this news, suggesting that is not an official announcement . The statement by the manufacturer probably arrive in the coming days.

shipments last flagships Samsung began on April 10 twenty countries, and became available in the various global markets in subsequent weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge pantalla

During the last year Samsung boasted of having sold 11 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S5 at same time it took to sell 10 million Samsung Galaxy S4 about a month. Despite their strong start, the Samsung Galaxy S5 became a disappointment to sell 40% less than what was originally expected.

With the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Koreans have gotten give new impetus to its franchise in the high-end very effectively, and the reception so enthusiastic that both terminals have suggested that arrival has been a success. However, that does not mean new Galaxy family members are going to break the records of the Samsung Galaxy S4 , although so far the forecasts of analysts suggest that they will.

However, despite the news is very good for the manufacturer, it is impossible not to notice that the numbers equal to those achieved by the flagship above, but do not exceed . This, however, could be a great result also: Keep in mind that explosive growth in markets such as China has stopped , and that the competition from other brands is stronger now than before.

But are great results for Koreans , and therefore should be valued as such.

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