Samsung hangs up a video of your evolution mobile

video samsung evolucion moviles

The guys from Samsung have been posted on a YouTube video is absolutely great about the evolution of mobile phones. The name is “Unpacking Samsung“, which makes sense, because throughout the video we see how to open boxes of Samsung devices, from the most ancient to the present. If you want to take a ride on a video by history gives Samsung on phone, you can’t miss it, lasts little more than 1 minute.

Video of Unpacking Samsung

first terminals seem to “bricks”, and we see the guy from the video that is “complaint” means in the laughter of the weight. And as you progress you will discover the mobile later, which were already smaller, cover and even with an antenna… you Have to see it:

One of the best moments is when it appears the smart watch, which simulates a pass. Fast-forwards the video and we are showing more terminals, now with MP3 music, a great innovation at that time (don’t miss how to download music MP3 for Android).

after 30 seconds and appears a smartphone, finally! And even put to the test of Everest to the Galaxy S5, a terminal impressive that it seems to resist everything in the conditions of cold and water. It not passes nothing if it falls down the sink! Where there is water, Galaxy S5 survives.

have Not wanted to overlook the great work with Gear S2, the spectacular smart watch from the south Korean, which looks super pretty in the video. For to do sport, to the day-to-day, it is perfect.

Another great moment that we see in the video, has to do with the Edge, the the first curved Samsung! We also see the Gear VR in action. All we like it very much!

Collection for the technology of Samsung

We really liked this video, what we see everything related to Samsung in technology. From the old to the current, so it is essential to see if you are faithful in south korea and but also.

What do you think of the video of Samsung?

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