Samsung Gear S2, S3 and Fit 2 are now compatible with iPhone

Samsung has long been working on making their devices compatible with iOS. From 7 January, yesterday, Saturday, devices Samsung Gear S2, S3 and Fit 2 are now compatible with iPhone. It’s good news, because these devices are going to be able to use them with your iPhone with iOS 9.0 or higher. Finally it has been confirmed this support, increasing this way the possibilities of the watch and the bracelet. Because now you will be able to sell more units.. because they don’t have limit with this device.


Samsung Gear S2, S3 and Fit 2 is compatible with iPhone

The recent statements that we know around these devices, is that we will be able to link Gear S2, S3 and the Fit 2 with the iPhone. But for this to be done successfully, you will need to download the official app Gear Fit. This already you will find available from the App Store, so you can sync the device with your iPhone.

The first thing you have to do is download the app and then run it, and follow the steps to successfully complete the pairing. The same thing you do with any other watch, but now you’re going to have to do the same for these 3 models, that is the best we found Samsung to buy.

Is a great news the fact that it has won the support of iOS, because now, for these devices there are more possibilities. Not only can you use them if you have an Android device, but also a iOS-compatible cs you have. As you know, the majority of Android devices are compatible, well, now they also join the shopping cart, these iOS so that you can squeeze in more Samsung devices.

how willing Apple fans to buy things from Samsung?

While watching rivalry between Apple and Samsung, just like Apple fans may prefer the Apple Sport. We will follow the issue very closely, but does not look bad by the news since then. What did you like? What has surprised you? Without a doubt, is great news. Don’t hesitate to give us your opinion in the comments.

More information from the official website of Samsung.

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