Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, we tell the secrets of their cameras

Samsung Galaxy S6 cámara

This afternoon Samsung has introduced its two new terminals, and we have echoed them, the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and its new features. In all its new features, it seems that Samsung has paid special attention to the photographic section according to the Korean manufacturer, is the better camera than smartphone , we do not go so far beyond our words, we know that is a good camera, but to try to calm can not say anything and confirm the words of Korean, what we can do is evaluate and detail the features that Samsung has told us.

At first it seemed that we would find the same camera as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but as reported by some means Samsung is a different sensor, do not know if the change is very large but is not the same -lack confirm 100% from an official source -.

Samsung Galaxy S6 cámara

Speaking of hardware own camera have a 16 megapixel sensor that allows video recording in 4K . Typical additives available, autofocus, LED flash and although not new to Samsung as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 already has it, if it is true that we have for the first time in a terminal of the S range, the Optical Image Stabilizer -suponemos that at least the same quality as the Samsung Galaxy Note. 4 –

All this makes it very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and although the sensor is better, do we believe that the passage is very large, the way things are. How does Samsung assertion that “the best camera in all situations? Well this time to achieve improved performance in low light conditions-the weakness of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from my point of view – have a greater focal opening, specifically we have F1.9 aperture . This gets about half step more light compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 4, if an entire step is double of light in the middle step will come roughly 150% more light-are not accurate, made without a calculator or rules logarithmic -.

Samsung Galaxy S6 cámara

The fact of having a more open, causes more light at the end that improve the performance of all situations certainly are the details that are slowly improving photographic experience, coupled with optical image stabilizer causes higher performance in low light conditions if we speak the same sensor.

To complete the photographic experience, as usual Samsung has developed its own interface usually one of the ones you like section of software Photo of Korean It is also excellent in image processing. In this case offer a cleaner interface and also seek more direct, a first simplest most basic user interface and other functions of allowing advanced users to modify less common parameters for those who have little knowledge when using a camera. We assume that the RAW image recording has come thanks to Android 5.0 Lollipop, another extra in improving the photographic section point.

Samsung Galaxy S6 cámara

Samsung has also emphasized one aspect known as point-and-shoot , something that the iPhone 6 are the kings of the market, is the time it takes from you see what you want to photograph , pick up the phone, unlock, you open the camera, capture and perform smartphone is performed. In this regard, Samsung already had a very fast approach and seems to still around, which have sought to improve is in opening the app, now with double tap the Home button we open the application the camera less than 1 second exactly 0.7 seconds, or so says Samsung -.

Having said all this it seems that Samsung steps have not been very large -like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but slowly continues to improve Details on which is worse, the motion in the video with optical stabilizer, catches in low light with brighter lens improved processing of catches with a new software , etc … each year we are superior to its predecessor and the top market performance. Now need to squeeze seriously …

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