Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, a phone unbreakable

The news about the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Samsung flagship for this year 2017, do not stop succession. A few days ago, we told you that some users had problems with the quick charge of the phone.

Fragility of the screens, one of the biggest problems with mobile devices

well, today we come with good news. As is the case with almost all the ships badges of the south Korean company, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best options in the market for those users who want a – range phone high-xdr.

One of the major drawbacks of the high-end devices is that they are increasingly fragile. The manufacturers are betting on its phones without bezels and screens curves to bring us to terminal the whole screen, which is very good because the experience at the time of playing games or watching videos is greatly improved.

however, all of this also has a disadvantage and that is that mobile devices are broken each time with greater ease; taking into account the characteristics of increasingly complex screens of the terminals, fixing a screen costs a fortune.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

thankfully, Samsung has realised this and has developed the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active; a terminal that by the time we do not know its characteristics. However, taking into account the versions directory of the previous flagship of the south Korean company, the characteristics shall be the same as that of the Galaxy S8.

The only difference between both devices is the design. The Galaxy S8 Active replaces the glass by a combination of metal and plastic that makes it virtually unbreakable. And, of course, nor does it have a curved screen.

Is a fantastic option for those who want to have the Samsung flagship and, in addition, be resistant. By far it is the only company that launches a phone ultra-durable with the same features as the original device; in general, this type of phones have the basic features.

Sure that very soon we will see it in the market; that yes, its price will be higher than the Galaxy S8.

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