Samsung Galaxy S7: Release, prices, specifications and features

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the mobile most anticipated of 2016 and all indications are that the future Galaxy S7 will be out at the beginning of the same year. It is for this reason that there is already talk of the price and the launch date of the mobile. At the moment it has leaked so much information that it is difficult to know how will be the mobile phone but we have tried to summarize those that are credible to give you an idea of how it will be the mobile.

Although the Samsung Galaxy no longer be the most mobile sold currently of Samsung for the time series S is the most sold and that is why thousands of people expect this release as water may. We must not forget that there are many leaks and some of them are false, we will try to discard them by the way.

Samsung Galaxy S7, what we know of the future mobile phone from Samsung?

we must Not forget that Samsung has reached its moment of glory with the Galaxy S4 coming to reap from the launch of the Galaxy S, later the Galaxy S5 was a big bump and this year, the Galaxy S6 Edge has managed to captivate many users but without getting to lift a few astronomical figures, it is more, the design that has enthralled us will probably not reach the Galaxy S7 as well ahead of when we were talking and we had tested the terminal, the real improvement was in the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S7: release Date

There are that play to be a sorcerer to guess the release date but knowing that all the generations were released in February – march during the MWC we believe that the Galaxy S7 might be presented in the Samsung Unpacked 2016, an event prior to MWC 2016.

MWC 2016 will be held from 22 to 25 February, with the Galaxy S7 could be presented on the same Sunday, February 21, seems to be a very good. This time Samsung will launch the S7 earlier than normal, as it has done with the Note 5. It is for this reason that everything points to that instead of arriving so late to the market might be presented the January 19, 2016 and arrive already on the market in February for not to step on the sales of the other terminals of the company.

Is more, Samsung is already manufacturing the processor that will be the Galaxy S7. Now, there are still leakers who speak of the MWC to the filing date, we have two doubts but we know that the S7 will be presented in February or will be launched in February at the market, there are many more options.

Galaxy S7 plegable

Galaxy S7: Price and availability

The Galaxy S7 might be 10% cheaper than the S6, thanks to the use of the design of the previous year, though good, is not the first time that we hear that the next Samsung mobile is going to be cheaper and at the end is a lie.

Samsung says that it will sacrifice profits to gain share and we expect the S7 to cost between 600 and 700 dollars free. In terms of the availability is expected that Samsung will hold the S7 with respect to some markets although it is unlikely to be your series more universal. Should be in stores 3 to 4 weeks after the presentation.

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S6 changed a lot of things, no microSD, no removable battery and the design of a scandal. What will the Galaxy S7? Will you be bringing controversy? it Is expected that you bring a few things with the following:

Screen of the Galaxy S7

a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display with resolution Quad HD, and protection Gorilla Glass 4, we do not believe that you can improve a lot the screen of the S6 is very good. Should improve a bit the efficiency of the same and the quality also although you could stretch the diagonal up to the 5.3-inch, all depending on the ratio surface / screen to use. A screen 4K would not make sense, but who knows.

Galaxy S7 diseño S6

Processor and RAM the Galaxy S7

Is expected to Snapdragon 820 in the united States and China, riding however the Exynos 8890 in Europe and Asia, both configurations with 4 GB of RAM. Either option should be really good.

Storage of the Galaxy S7

32 and 64 GB of RAM with possibility to expand via microSD. Surely the model of 128 GB has been a failure in sales and is very likely to be deleted, more so if it includes the possibility of expanding the storage with the microSD but for the moment, is not confirmed, what will have changed Samsung so easily of decision? The storage of the S6 is so fast that I don’t miss the microSD.

Cameras of the Galaxy S7

There are two rumors different in terms of the camera. The first says that it will mount a Sony sensor and other points to mount a sensor Samsung. In the case of a ride Sony ride the IMX300 of 20 MP. In another case mounts a sensor ISOCELL of 12 MP with Ultra-Pixels to improve the sensitivity of the light but it seems difficult for Samsung to reduce the amount of MP, the amount of detail of the S6 is awesome.

Here the differences are very large for you to use both sensors and thinking that the fundamental improvement of the S7 will be the camera you should hire the best sensor or mount the BRITECELL again, who knows.

Battery of the Galaxy S7

the autonomy of The S6 goes very fair. Samsung seems to be adding new quick charging and wireless to the S7, but we do not know how will be the battery, the new Exynos is more efficient and hopefully that will increase a little bit the ability to achieve autonomy is very good.

Connectivity the Galaxy S7

it is Also expected that all versions of the S7 to have a LTE modem Cat.12 with download speeds that reach up to 600 Mbps in ideal environments.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Main features

The Galaxy S7 could bring some exciting new features such as:

  • Samsung Pay: Using the fingerprint reader and working well.
  • ClearForce: The technology of Synaptic to bring the 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S to Android, we can not forget that Samsung has a patent on this technology.
  • Good sound: The S7 could bring a high-quality stereo sound with minimal distortion thanks to the new chip used.
  • USB Type-C: it Is expected that the S7 already has a USB Type-C, it seems that will be the new standard and it would be a mistake.

Design of the Galaxy S7

After years of receiving criticism, the S6 has finally abandoned the plastic and what has been changed by metal and glass. The S6 is without a doubt the Galaxy S most beautiful to date, but the S7 could be very similar, and do not expect many changes. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is to provide different finishes, who knows.

galaxy s7 curvo y microsd

Will there be a Galaxy S7 Edge?

The Edge is missed, it is very nice. Now, should we trust the launch of a S7 Edge as half of the S6 sold had a curved screen. How many versions would be the S7? The movement would be ideal to launch two terminals:

  • a mobile phone with A display of 5.2 or 5.3 inches with a version Edge and normal.
  • a mobile with A screen of 5.8 or 5.9 inches with version Edge and normal.

Would be 4 versions, but that could be conquer to any buyer looking for a mobile high-end. The mini versions are no longer desired in the case of Samsung and have a S7 5.2 inches already form part of the priority of many, choose the finish also is an interesting option.

Models of the Galaxy S7

despite the fact that the S7 has not yet come on the market already have been filtered, numbers of versions of the Galaxy S7, they might be these:

  • Verizon (SM-G930V, SM-G935V)
  • Sprint (SM-G930P, SM-G935P)
  • US Cellular (SM-G930R4, SM-G935R4)
  • AT & T (SM-G930A, SM-G935A)
  • T-Mobile (SM-G930T, SM-G935T)
  • International unlocked (SM-G930F, SM-G935F)
  • China (SM-G9300, G9350-SM)
  • Canada (SM-G930W8, SM-G935W8)
  • Korea (SM-G930 S / K / L, SM-G935 S / K / L)

is The code name of the project, Project, Lucky it is also funny and, yes, here you have all the filtered data of the Galaxy S7 with its release, features and price of the S7. Yes, remember that nothing is official but it would be very strange that we have not been wrong too. The S7 is the tipping point for Samsung.

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