Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Edge: Exynos 8890 and Android N for 899 euros

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While the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge continues to triumph in the market, the Galaxy Note 6 already has nearly ceased to see the leg to the root of the large number of rumors that have echoed in the network in recent months.

the successor of the Galaxy Note 5, a mobile phone, which failed not to be launched at the global level, it seems that you have two variants. The Galaxy Note 6 will be offered with normal screen and version Edge according to some rumors but what is more certain is that Samsung manufactures finally a single device.

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Galaxy Note 6 Edge, the possible final version

Surely, in the case of one, the Galaxy Note 6 will come in its version Edge with a better battery and dimensions are very contained. Without a doubt, the series Note has already had a representative with edges, the Note Edge, and now the time has come that the improvement of this applies to the most powerful smartphone of Samsung.

Obviously do not forget that the edge Edge you need to get a lot more functionality to be a reason to choose even if Samsung works on it for the large devices to get interesting news and useful to users.

The Galaxy Note 6 will come with Android N

Google has planned for Google I/O next month of May and the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 should be out to the market over the summer (between the months of July and August). Samsung would be unlikely to launch to the market a Note 6 with Android M (unless you already have it ready). Android N would bring interesting features and more for a device as large as would be the Note 6.

Specifications of the Galaxy Note 6

In its interior we find a hardware very powerful, surely the rumors are not going to misguided.

  • Screen 5.8 inches with QHD resolution.
  • 6 GB of RAM for multitasking which are very powerful.
  • Processor Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820, in theory, equivalent.
  • Certification IP 68 with the possibility to immerse in the terminal.
  • we Would have a slot for microSD.
  • Would be the camera of the Galaxy S7, you might even be enhanced for the occasion with a larger sensor stretching up to 16 MP.

Price and launch of the Galaxy Note 6

mobile would throw the market in summer (not yet confirmed anything), and its price is expected around $ 899, a price that is very high. It is expected a Galaxy Note 6 a little larger than the S7 Edge and improving all of its features, perhaps that’s why his price rise to the 899 euros since the S7 Edge broke off of the 820 euros. We hope that this price of 899 euros we will add a gift in the pre-sale.

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