Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S6 edge + seen in real images


It is no secret that Samsung has in the oven two new devices, and it looks like it will be presented soon. And it is even less secret after the last filtration, which comes from Sammy Hub. Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy 5 S6 edge + have been killed in images of sufficient quality , so let us see almost perfectly what the design of both teams.

As expected, the way forward is marking the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, which meant one radical departure from the designs we’ve seen so far in Samsung . But change was present not only in the design but also the materials used in the construction of the terminals. While the South Korean firm had always opted for polycarbonate, with the sixth generation of Samsung Galaxy S6 metal earned the maximum prominence , accepting the advice of many users who were already claiming the use of noble materials .

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S6 edge + images

With new Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy Note 5 5 edge + see more of the same, of course using aluminum

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 y S6 edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ y Note 5+

As we see, they will be very similar to Samsung Galaxy S6. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + is a simple work of “stretching”, whereas Samsung Galaxy Note 5 still have remnants to that seen in the terminal that will happen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Approval Apparently, those renders we saw on video a few days ago were not anything misled.

Thus, we can get a more accurate idea of ​​what Samsung will show us the next day 12 or August 13 , the two dates being considered for submission of both phones. It is recalled that, [as all data have been spotted by the network in recent weeks, the two would use screen qHD Super AMOLED 5.67 inch and 4 GB of RAM [1999006 memory], while that chipset of Note 5 would be a new Exynos, the 7422, and the S6 edge + a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808.

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