Samsung Galaxy Note 5, all we know a few hours of submission

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There is very little for the new and highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be officially unveiled at last, after so many rumors, leaks, and hype , long hype . The successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the difficult task of overcoming everything we know and Samsung in the world of smartphones , including current stops range, the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

Therefore, in order not to lose the habit, it is expected that this Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with Cutting Edge market, and at all levels: display, processor design, materials, software , cameras … Everything should be pointing in the fifth generation of phablet more popular. Now, let’s review what we know, we know half, and what we suspect about the new terminal of Samsung. Here we go!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, synonymous with top of the range

As mentioned, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes equipped with the latest of the latest , and inherits the developments seen in the Samsung Galaxy S6. Thus, the design line to follow will be exactly the same, so, as we have seen in the filtered real images, the similarity will end. Of course, will make use of “noble” materials, making it clear that the use of pure and hard plastic is passé in the factories of Samsung, at least in its high-end devices.

logically expect a Super AMOLED screen with Quad HD resolution which again, would reach 5.7 inches diagonally. And a big screen can only be accompanied by a large hardware internal, powerful enough to move with ease those more than 500 pixels per inch. A screen that we can use without touching with our fingers thanks to S-Pen , which may come with all the features you already know, and some novelty anymore.

Everything indicates that Samsung “recycle” the powerful Exynos Octa July 7420 we see in their current flagship a chipset a few months ahead of the competition , so it will remain the most powerful with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is about to arrive. They will support him 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4 , and can choose between 32 or 64 GB of storage, with UFS 2.0 technology. It will feature the latest in connectivity, though it is unlikely that comes with USB type C-, and fast charge battery.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 borde inferior

With respect to paragraph photographic , the fact is that less is what has been said in recent weeks of rumors and leaks. Therefore, great advances are expected in this regard, and even, like the processor, the sensors could also take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S6, whose cameras have been uncovered as one of the best on the market. So, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ride a secondary 5 megapixel main camera 16 megapixel and.

is also beyond doubt that the version of the system will, it will be Android 5.1.1 Lollipop , ie, the last update to Android permission M, which has not yet been released in a final version. The software will be, how not, spiced with the latest version of Samsung TouchWiz.

Date of submission of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

What we also know is when will your presentation, we already have over. This Wednesday August 13 will be when they present the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , thus advancing the date to which it is usual when it comes to the Galaxy Note family of Samsung, which until now was set during the IFA September.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 packaging

This move was thought out by the company, among other things, serve to ahead to what will be one of its maximum rival, the iPhone 6s , which is expected in September. The fact that Samsung more than half a month later submitting your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may also come from the hand of an earlier release, which could mean a major blow Apple terminal.

not come alone

Besides all this, we also know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 does not come alone, but will be joined by the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + . That is, a larger and possibly variant best especifiaciones the Samsung Galaxy S6, so we could also be seen as a version with curved edges of the famous phablet South Korean, although not belonging to the same family.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy S6 edge+

have also come to light possible News Samsung in the field of wearables . The firm would have prepared three different versions of Samsung Gear A, its smart watch. However, maybe the debut of these reserves to itself that said IFA 2015 in Berlin. What seems more likely is that with Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy 5 S6 edge + introduced a new tablet .

This is everything we know so far the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 . Of course, said Wednesday 13 will be attentive to offer you the best coverage from Andro4all, so do not hesitate to follow us.

What do you expect the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

And you do you think? Head over to Samsung Galaxy Note 5, all we know within hours of its presentation to make your mark.

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