Samsung Galaxy C9 would come out with 6 GB of RAM

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mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful (although we do not know with what aim). However, the south Korean Samsung wants to bet for more power still by launching a new terminal (Galaxy C9) that still would take a few months, but the news of the pump is that come with 6 GB RAM. There are many manufacturers that are starting to wager for this amount of RAM, which many see to be exaggerated.

Have been the guys from Sam Mobile who have not left a stone with this last Samsung Galaxy C9 by Geekbench. But the surprising fact, is not this alone, because it is a rumor that leads to the sounding of months ago. What is new, is that this terminal would be the first Samsung to have 6 GB of RAM.

Samsung anillo inteligente

Galaxy C9: Rumors specifications

right Now the top of range Samsung have 4 GB and the users are quite happy (except for Note 7 for exploits). But yes we remember how in his day, spoke of a variant of the Note 7 with 6 GB of RAM that never came to light. Now what would be in the form of Galaxy C9, for the range C.

is Not so unlikely that this new terminal’s going to take much RAM, really, although not necessary, it is what it touches. Not innovaría anything with 4 GB of RAM at the moment. Therefore, we believe that this Geekbench Galaxy C9 is proof more than enough that will exist.

we Know that the Galaxy C5 and C7 are similar. The former has a 5.2-inch and the second, 5.7-inch. Following the line, this C9 should have 5.9 inches. The size is perfect for fans of large screens. We already had terminals as well, without going more far, the Nexus 6 5,96 ”.

Samsung wants to compete with the chinese market

For now just know that this Galaxy C9 I would like to compete especially with the guys. With 6 GB of RAM, and possibly 5.9 inches of screen.

we don’t know if it would include a processor MediaTek. Few days ago we told you the Samsung plans to include processors cheaper, but they were focused on the low-end… this terminal with 6 GB of RAM might not be a low range under any circumstances.

how do you like this C9 Samsung?

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