Samsung does not launch a Galaxy Note 8 in 2017

The rumors have not been confirmed but things are looking bad for Samsung. The koreans have lost millions of users and millions of dollars with the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 and amend that error is going to be very hard.

If Samsung wants to make the users to regain confidence (some still have not lost a single error) should make changes in its mobile division and that means changing the strategy planned for 2017. Now, a rumor seen in the Korea Herald confirms, Samsung could launch a single line of terminals of high range in 2017.

Galaxy S8

there will Only be a line of high-end 2017, the Galaxy line S8

Of time, we clarify again that this is only a rumor but it all suggests that Samsung will launch a single line of high-end in 2017 and that means that Samsung just launched the Galaxy S series in 2017 not a Galaxy Note series, as it has done until now.

For this release Samsung must make changes in strategy in its mobile division and what is true is that it makes a lot of sense, if Samsung launch a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 2017, the chances of attaining seduce the market would be really low.

there will be No Galaxy Note 8 but if I could have a Note in the Galaxy S series

That Samsung is not going to launch a Galaxy Note series doesn’t mean that Samsung will not be able to to integrate the Note, camouflaged, in the Galaxy S series. Just as Samsung has done in other years, Samsung might launch a Galaxy S8 Plus or a Galaxy S8 Stylus features of the Note but doing a different campaign, launching a terminal Note that does not belong to the series Note.

Samsung must be very careful what you do in 2017 because all of its steps will be of vital importance in order for users to remain confident in a company like this. Samsung would have put the brooch of gold with the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 if everything had gone wrong but the Galaxy Note 7 has been like digging his own grave, he has left us memes as fun as these.

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