Samsung confirms the existence of flexible terminals in 2016

Samsung flexible

Mobile technology advancing at an amazing rate , because every time we find more power in what is known as smartphones and not only that, but size more content, better finishes and energy efficiency despite the endless debates that are on the network.

Another important aspect is the incredible evolution panels incorporated suffering because of the age of 4.5 inches with resolution 480 x 800 have gone to 5, X inch Quad HD resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels even with some curvature on both sides in the case of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or allowing bend without any problems, something seen in the LG G Flex 2.

According to the source of the news, Samsung is clear about the near future and ensures that we will see even folding flexible and smartphones in 2016 . HTC in its own way and has, since its Re Grip contains a flexible display to suit what shape SmartBand .

Samsung is very clear which way to go in the future, because not everything is sold devices, also research and develop technology lot at the end of the day, or misses its release in a way or another, or need too many years to be something feasible.

On the other hand, and based on my own opinion and how I see the present and the near future, I think it is too early to think about flexible terminals, as should further polish the shortcomings that have terminals , downsize, implement better camera sensors and improve current batteries, plus Google do its work and contribution know what time as Android 6.0 and that this is truly the operating system of choice in the sector.

And you, how do you see the mobile market in a few years?

And you do you think? Head over to Samsung confirms the existence of flexible terminals in 2016 to make your mark.

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