Samsung assures that in 2 years we will have cameras invisible integrated in the screen

there is No doubt that Samsung is a brand that doesn’t innovate, at least in its new Galaxy S10. One of its strongest points is the screen and not only the quality, also for their cameras integrated in it. it Is just this that brings us today here, can you imagine the cameras invisible below the screen?

according to the brand this is closer to what you may think. Keep reading to know all the details of this new official news of Samsung 😉

Samsung will be able to make cameras invisible, integrated into the screen in 2 years

Has been one of the highest offices of Samsung who has given us information. His goal has always been the use of the screen and this can be seen with the cameras under the panel. However, they want to go much further and it seems that everything is going well for this purpose.

galaxy s10 presentacion

according to his words, we can say that Samsung wants to create a camera front invisible how long before. Yes, we will have to wait between 1-2 years so that we can see them. Will not affect for nothing to the view, and the sensors will be able to take photos through the same screen, do look good, don’t you think?

Another of the details that have been counted is that they are considered to be the implementation of Crystal Sound OLED. This will cause the screen can do the same speaker, yes, you read that right. Without going more far, the recently launched LG G8 to implement that today, though it is not spoken of as much of it as often as others.

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┬┐do you think that the next Galaxy S11 will be able to introduce this improvement is so substantial, or will they be in the middle? What do you think of using the screen as a speaker? don’t leave without letting us your opinion in the comments section.

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