Samsung, Apple and Sony accused of child exploitation

Samsung, Apple y Sony acusados de explotación infantil

Amazing what we discover about the 3 manufacturers star of the market, how child exploitation? Become so rich and powerful with all of the law is not easy, but not impossible, hence they don’t want to be wary of these manufacturers, but when the river sounds, water carries, and Apple, Sony, and Samsung have been accused of child exploitation. What is all this? You what we have.

Reported on the exploitation of children in a mine of cobalt

So what we discovered through the guys from Android Authority. And is that these 3 companies that were accused of this serious crime, and who have responded to this by stating that they are against the exploitation of children, and that they could never do something like that.

Explota batería Galaxy S5Yes it is true that you can have a workers ‘ poorly paid, but that have enslaved children there is a stretch very large. But this could have happened “inadvertently”, because it is said that the children would have picked up many of the minerals used in the devices (which is necessary for the lithium-ion battery), and that these companies could not know even. But this has a girl, because these children would have been working on an mine of cobalt in the Republic of Congo.

Another fact strong is next, and is that the previous mine produces a 50% of cobalt from all over the world, so that it is almost certain that would be involved even without knowing, by means of other organizations. And it is said, that in this mine there are workers in precarious conditions and children are enslaved, so that the manufacturers themselves should know better and not take production of these mines.

manufacturers are disgusted with the situation

These manufacturers, Samsung, Apple and Sony, have flatly refused to be involved with this. But they have also claimed that break any contract that they may have with organizations linked to this type of actions, so that we will have to investigate and go beyond it.

What they should do now, is try to run away from everything that is suspected to be related to mistreatment of workers and children. If it proves to be true, I don’t know how they will feel many users who buy these phones and even above pay large amounts of money. Hopefully that will disprove, because only the idea of thinking about it is terrifying.

What do you think of all this? Do you think that the manufacturers have turned a blind eye or actually might not know anything? we’ll See what happens with these complaints.

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