Samsung announces new monitors with wireless charging in the base, forget about cables!

Monitores Samsung carga inalámbrica

Samsung for one reason or another is always present in all media becoming hollow with all kinds of information such as presentations and launch of new products, as is the case. His latest venture market are its new monitors 24 inches and 27 inches S27E370DS S24E370DL .

you will ask: what is all new monitors from Samsung in relation to Android? Because it is simple, and is having an interesting feature that adds very useful and convenience if you own a wireless charging terminal .

You can charge your phone with your Samsung monitor!

In the case of possession for example, one of the new flagship with support WFP and Qi wireless charging , the standard that supports the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 edge charging your phone will be much the easier now.

This is because thanks to the including a charger in the base of the monitor , only putting the terminal on the circumference checked, the terminal will detect the technology used and will begin charging.

It is useful in the case of those who, for personal or business reasons spend a number of hours at the computer, so now no need to make the purchase of a wireless charger, because if you opt to choose one of the S24E370DL and S27E370DS models have it much easier .

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge carga

And what are the characteristics of new monitors from Samsung?

Leaving aside for a moment the main purpose of the news regarding the benefits that gives us new monitors, they have a very interesting features for so-called gamers .

Both enjoy new technologies, in the case of AMD FreeSync , which eliminates most torn of images on the screen to turn off the vertical synchronization technologies as offering a better quality camera shake to synchronize the refresh rate to the output of the GPU. On the other hand, contain a Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 , viewing angle of 178 degrees, contrast ratio of 1000: 1, HDMI 1.4 connection , D-Sub and a maximum brightness up to 300 cd / m2.

Very interesting new challenge from Samsung, also successful at drive characteristics of certain products that can only be used by other devices like wireless charging. If you need a new monitor and you have a Galaxy S6 or S6 egde, this is a golden opportunity!

And you do you think? Head over to Samsung announces new monitors with wireless charging in the base, forget about cables! to leave your mark.

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