Ruben is sleepy, an original and equally addictive game

Ruben is sleepy en Nexus 6 y Nexus 7

Today we want to give you know Ruben is sleepy, a free arcade game that once we take the trick can not stop playing! Surely one of the most curious and original games that can be found in Google Play, and at the same time has that power of addiction that gets hooked with ease, trying to overcome our personal brands and those of other players.

Next, we will show you everything you need to know Ruben is sleepy, but I anticipate that ourselves can create part of the game environment, just by typing a word . Here we go!

Ruben sleepy

Like its name, the game mechanics is very simple. Ruben sits on the couch watching TV, and begins to fall asleep, which raise your hand when you have not passed any time-. And there begins our game . If we give the button “sleep” , the character is finally falling into a deep sleep dream. While asleep, dreaming of what I was seeing at the time, but the grace of the matter is that we can decide what is what you are seeing Ruben , and therefore, what you see in your sleep.

Clicking on television, we will open a section in which we can write whatever we want, and Ruben will see things related to it in his dreams. Eg if we Andro4all on TV, will see images like those catches , and if we cats, as we will see cats everywhere!

Capturas de Ruben is sleepy

As we see, aesthetics of the game is simple enough but kept , like sound, with a soundtrack reminiscent of the electronic sounds of the eighties.

You’re asleep but you must be very awake!

Once we know how to start playing, will have to know how to play , and although at first may not be very clear, the truth is that is very simple, and we can do it with just one finger . In our dream, we are in a kind of free fall in which we find televisions containing the images.

These televisions come in two colors, blue or pink, and our mission is to touch the screen to adapt to the color of the TV with which we are about to hit and bounced out to the next. Although it may seem simple, the truth is that the speed is quite high, so there will be very fast.

Luckily As we accumulate points, we can use some aid . We have available a pair with which all TVs are colorless and hold a headband with the speed will decrease dramatically, binoculars to zoom out and view a wider field, and a headset with which send an electromagnetic pulse.



Ruben is sleepy is one of those games that worth trying , if only for its original proposal. It is a perfect title for those moments of boredom and waiting, with which we can spend great moments trying to make it better, as we see images related to what we ourselves have chosen.

Can you free download in Google Play , so play has been said!

Google Play | Ruben is sleepy

And you do you think? Drop by Ruben is sleepy, an original and addictive equal to leave your mark parts game.

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