ROME: Total War confirmed its arrival to Android this winter: finally a good strategy game!

When Age of Empires announced its landing on Android many of us did illusions with the arrival of mobile platforms, one of the most popular titles of the story between the games of strategy, although Microsoft has finally released a clone of Clash of Clans under the brand name of the legendary saga, Age of Empires: Castle Siege.

If, like me, you find yourself among the disappointed we have good news for you, because the Italian Feral Interactive has just officially announced ROME: Total War for Android, one of the’s most acclaimed titles of the genre on the PC and soon to be released in our mobile phones.

Many be thinking that in the Play Store is already available Total War Battles: Kingdom as the first sword of the series, but what is certain is that in this case we speak of those games designed for mobile platforms with a gameplay that is very different to expect more purists.

ROME: Total War, a game elevated to a degree of worship that you can play with your mobile

The case of this new ROME: Total War for Android is very different, because in this classic game released in 2004 by The Creative Assembly have to be respected in their step to iOS, and we assume he will continue to respect in their development for Android, where enjoy a complete experience one strategy games most acclaimed of the story.

Set in times of the Roman Empire with proven success in historical accuracy, ROME: Total War you’ll be able to take charge of the vast and powerful legions to defend Rome of his multiple attackers, with all the control options that you expect in a game of this type in addition to a sophisticated mode fight 3D with impressive effects in battle.

there are Not too many details in addition to the trailer published by Feral Interactive, but one can expect an adaptation similar to that made in iOS, which costs 10,99 euros and have no payments ‘in-app’.

The game will come to Android this winter, so that in a couple of months we will be defending our empire if we are willing to pay the price of a titulazo like this to our mobile.

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