Rodeo Stampede, a new game from the creators of Crossy Road

Rodeo Stampede

you Already know that finding fun games is easy, but that are visually appealing, are trendy and fun to the users is much more difficult. Yodo1 Games, a distributor known for the game Crossy Road, has now joined the guys from Featherweight to promote Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari.

Rodeo Stampede is a new title, is fun and has beautiful graphics that are similar to Crossy Road, a few graphics cubic to the view look very friendly and in addition allow us to play without getting tired and look in both their visual appearance. So also we have come to a head for the game Shooty Skies, a title that has had such an impact, but who continues this line of games with a visual aspect peculiar, and a very addictive gameplay.

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

If you’ve stopped to see the video you’re probably thinking that we are faced with a Endless Runner but the truth is that no, Rodeo Stampede combines this kind of games with the classic construction games, because in this title we will have to create a zoo and go on adding new species to our collection.

Is just what you’re thinking, the graphics are in the style of Crossy Road and the gameplay is as simple as possible. The game allows us to enjoy a stampede with a cowboy that will be jumping from animal to animal to travel the greatest amount of possible scenario and catch animals with your lasso.

The controls are simple, almost absurd. When we release the finger, the cowboy jumps up and capture another animal (or interacts with some bonus stage), when we clicked on the screen allows us to go dodging the obstacles.

Capture animals and upgrade your zoo

At the races the captured animals will be exhibited in our zoo virtual, here there is no abuse of any kind. This zoo will be to improve as we move forward, and expanding it to make money with the visits and buy the add-ons that are in the game as the new characters.

Rodeo Stampede is in Spanish and is free, what are you waiting for? we leave You the link to Google Play. The game has in-app purchases and some ads, but the truth is that it is worth a try, it is very fun and addictive.

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