Retrieve all your information of a microSD is possible

The microSD card despite their small size, devices are very robust and long-lasting, but despite this, there is always the possibility to be damaged with time. If you have a microSD that does not recognize your phone or deleted something by mistake, keep reading the article until the end.

How to recover files from a microSD

Although it may seem a lie, recover deleted files from a microSD card. Any type of files such as documents, audios, images and videos, can be recovered. However, the applications that are installed on the microSD is very likely to be lost. Although this does not have to be a problem in that the Android lets you download and install them again without any problem.

you Format the microSD card from your phone in seconds

The first thing you should know is that can’t format it as this will make it more difficult the job of recovery. Once clarified this point, try inserting your microSD card into a PC. If it is not recognized test in another computer or another port to ensure that it is the card and not the PC.

If you still do not recognize any PC enter in “disk Management” on a Windows computer. But if not you can see, it is unfortunately almost certain that this damaged. On the other hand if you see it, proceed to the next step.

Uses an application that allows you to recover files

There are many programs to recover files on Windows. you Can try Recuva, it is excellent and easy to use, the only detail is that the majority of your files will be recovered with a different name that you had registered in the beginning.

  • Download the application from their official website and instalala on your computer.
  • Then open the application.
  • will ask You which type of files you want to recover, you can select all, or just pictures, music, etc
  • Now choose the letter that has your microSD for the program to start looking, it is usually the letter E (in disk management you’ll see it).

once you have done all these steps the program will go looking for all the files that you have indicated. Depends on the size of your microSD this process can take as much or as little time.

¿You have worked? Tell us your experience in the comments.

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