Rent movies for$ 1 on Google Play Movies for a limited time

Google Play is unstoppable with the offers. Yesterday I talked about a promotion of Google Play Music has launched a promotion 4 months free for new customers; a really interesting offer if you’re interested in joining this service of music in streaming, because usually Google Play Music only offers 3 months free.

well today Google Play Movies has given the surprise to Android users with the launch of a new offer: rent movies for just 1 dollar. This way, if you have not seen current movies that are for rent in the platform, as for example Logan, it is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

movie Rental to$ 1 in Google Play Movies

But there are several things that are worth taking into account. The first is that you can only rent one movie at this price; the deadline of the promotion is to the next 7 of July. And, the second, is that by the time the offer is not available to all the world. To know if you can enjoy the movie rental to$ 1 in Google Play Movies, navigate to the application and, in the “Offers” section, check if you have this ad was visible. If you have it, you just have to click on it to redeem the offer.

As explained by Google, the offer is only available for now for certain users based on their purchase history. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the users for which is available the offer, the discount will be applied in the payment; you must redeem it before July 7, 2017.

As we have pointed out, the maximum number of movies that each user can rent on Google Play Movies for 1$ is 1. Cannot be used with other offers or specific discounts, except with gift cards Google Play.

So, if you have Google Play Movies, enter the application to see if you have this coupon or not.

What do you think of the new offering of Google Play Movies?

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