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BlackBerry Venice could be closer to being a reality . As we have seen in CrackBerry have leaked a series of renders hypothetical BlackBerry Venice with Android, a device you we advance their appearance in previous leaks made by Evan Blass , more known asevleaks.

As already learned in previous leaks, we can assume that the BlackBerry Venice will screen curved edges , very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, which you can see a complete analysis in this blog. It will not be the only similarity shared with the Korean terminal, as it is said will incorporate an AMOLED screen. This should not surprise anyone, basically because the Koreans have already shown interest in selling its display technology to third parties.

However, this could become a rumor no more, because as we read in Android Authority finally could be LG’s display manufacturer hypothetical BlackBerry Venice. Parents LG G4 -of which also offered you one completo- analysis have been working on a prototype curved screen edges , but as they say in the article that prototype Android Authority showed only door closed.

References to Android in the renders

blackberry venice render

Along with renders that have leaked BlackBerry Venice, we can see and references to support Chromecast streaming to other devices . BlackBerry 10 does not provide support to Chromecast that we know, and there is a reference to what would be running BlackBerry Hub Material Design on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

As you can see from these leaks, it appears that rear camera sensor is 18 megapixels , although it is not known who is going to make it. This sensor would be completed by a 5-megapixel front sensor.

can see all renders then


Other specifications which have been rumored regarding BlackBerry Venice includes a 5.4 inch screen with QHD resolution, a sliding physical keyboard, a SoC hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 and 3 GB of RAM.

is impossible to know at what stage of development is the BlackBerry Venice assuming that really- is developing or when these were renders , so if at the end the terminal appears may end up being different from what we see.

We are forced to re-ask the question: you buy a BlackBerry with Android Leave your impressions in the comments


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