Record a movie with the Galaxy S7, the result is impressive

Pelicula Galaxy S7

Up to now have a reflex camera to the side of a mobile it was like to compare Mars with Jupiter, they were light years away. Now, in the last years the gap between the moving picture and the DSLR has been shortening so much that sometimes arise doubts.

I am Not claiming that mobile phones are better than the reflex, now, some mobile phones, for their capabilities of the latest generation and the excellent sensors that incorporate become more alternatives that are viable to our reflex. Without going more far this year I’ve gone to some event and even on holiday without my reflex, bringing with me my mobile and saving a lot of load in the day-to-day. Your best camera will always be the one you have with you.

Awesome movie recorded with the Samsung Galaxy S7

One of the companies that has been able to provide the latest advances in photography to our mobile phones has been Samsung. To date, it has managed to create some of the most mobile and competent in both the Galaxy S6 and its successor, the Galaxy S7, they are demonstrating impressive capabilities.

so Much so that, even if you do not believe, the video above has been recorded exclusively with a Galaxy S7 which leads us to think if it will really be necessary to have a DSRL. To mode professional a reflex can give us a lot of interesting things that most mortals do not know how to enjoy but if the photographer in question knows squeeze the mobile and post-processing things happen as we see in the video.

This short has been created exclusively with the Galaxy S7 but for this we have used applications that were used to control the focus, exposure and white balance manually in addition to applying a post-processing giant that has finished with the result that you have been able to see in your screens. Among the applications used was FilMiC Pro, Cinema FV-5 Lite and even Cinema 4K. The film has been recorded in 4K and that is impressive.

The truth is that doubts if it really worth to have a reflex mid-range-low or if you carry your mobile always with you will be the best resolution. I currently see in the reflex a big difference, especially when I capture photographs at night with respect to my Galaxy S6, and also have the advantage of being able to count with a goal that gives me an optical zoom without losing quality, something that I’m not on my mobile, but in terms of photos simple day at the end the mobile ends offer you much more versatility.

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