Reach the payment filters to Snapchat, use ‘ em for free!

Filtros de pago Snapchat

Snapchat is one of those apps that has been achieved, out of nothing, succeed, such as Coca-Cola (I know that comparisons are odious, but I had to say it as well). Now, success does not mean that it will generate a lot of profit around it and that’s why little by little these applications are adapting their business model to get generate a good amount of money.

In Snapchat have been incorporated interesting news as a section to discover and in the second place, it have built-in filters of lenses that have managed to capture a large number of followers. Now, by custom, since the filters have been so successful they have added in the last update a few filters are also very good but pay, more than anything else for generate some money for the application to whoever decides to buy them.

Filtro de pago gratis en Snapchat

payment Filters on Snapchat for free

With a filter of payment will have to disburse 0,99 € and you can buy the most popular like the classic filter that spits out a rainbow by the mouth, for example. do Not you sounds you have already seen in Snapchat?

on the other hand Snapchat has opted for add 7 new filters completely free of charge and about 7 more to higher-payment, brand-new. This means that, if you do not change your policy, the first filter that you will see will be the free and then there will be those that have to pay for them. Activate the filters of lenses in Instagram is very simple.

  • Opens Snapchat.
  • Switches to the front camera of your phone (the one used for selfies).
  • press and hold in-your-face get-out-the payment filters.
  • Use the button to capture screen to capture the filter of payment without paying.
  • Crops the image to remove everything that you don’t need.

you will Have used the payment filter free. Obviously is not the best method and you’re going to miss a lot of things like the video that it generates but is a way to use it without having to pay and get out of the way. Otherwise you only pay with Google Play and ready.

Charge a 1 euro per filter is extremely exaggerated, they should sell a pack of filters at a similar price though good, the less people appreciate that do not incorporate advertising into the app. Now Facebook is trying to compete again with Snapchat, hopefully, not do something like that in Messenger.

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