Rastreator, the application that helps you to compare all kinds of insurance services and


Given the number of different operators with their respective rates, which are few , it is often difficult to decide on one or the other, as services and subscriptions they provide, among other things. Therefore, it is ideal to use as Weplan applications, because it makes us a comparison of our current rate with the current operator and we easily recommend other companies that offer more for less very simple right?

Therefore, once we got used to compare and find the best prices and services we can not ignore other more complete even as Rastreator and its application for Android, which with an interesting design with maintained similar lines to Material Design us offers much more than tariffs, but also various essential insurance among other services.

Compare and find the best price

As insurance accede to comparative car, motorcycle, home, life, travel, health, pets, businesses, skiing, deaths and even for days. To disconnect from the world not have room rates mobile, combined Internet, fixed, mobile, TV and all variants of these.

us not forget the Finance because we can consult mortgages in different banks, plus loans and deposits. And if you’re traveling this summer, you can check the different flights from your hometown and rent a vehicle once you begin officially on vacation. But if we do not like car hire, we can find offers of new cars, second-hand tires latter Safety first .

The application is very simple, neat and easy to use , which greatly facilitates course interaction in this, because not only young people enjoyed the new technologies, so that those in adulthood and are not as prone to these, will find easy management of the main objective of Rastreator: compare and find the best possible price saving is essential


From here strongly prove we recommend, as we often say that in our case with mobile operators, should not settle for the current mode , because there are more alternatives to the market we find that more suited to our needs.

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