Qualcomm Snapdragon 835: All the official information

After thousands of rumors, an official release with many details and thousands of leaks, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 has been officially presented as the processor star of 2017.

Yes, the new Snapdragon incorporates 8 cores Kyro, fabrication of 10 nm and a GPU Adreno 540 very powerful. New from Qualcomm has already been presented and this new SoC seems to be even more powerful beast than the previous one. Qualcomm and Samsung have long been working hard to get more power and lower consumption. This new processor seems to not lack anything.


Snapdragon 835: A 35% smaller, but a 25% more powerful

This new Snapdragon 835 has been manufactured in a process of 10 nm that only Samsung has been able to do. It will be the first processor 10 nm that hits the market and it is certain that still it is not known what will be the first mobile phone in mount it, but there are already contenders as the Xiaomi Mi6.

brands Xiaomi, Samsung, and OPPO are going to release the new Snapdragon 835 and ASUS can also cole through the middle. This new Snapdragon 835 is a 35% smaller that a Snapdragon 820 and that also allows you to be much more efficiently dissipating heat. The new quick charge Quick Charge 4.0 is capable of to charge the phone to 50% in just 15 minutes, controlling the temperature, voltage, and amperage of the load.

Specifications of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

  • 8 cores Kyro 280 up to 2.45 GHz.
  • GPU Adreno 540 compatible with Vulkan, OpenGL 3.2, OpenCL 2.0 and DX12 (it may be a processor that also mount Windows 10, or so it seems).
  • Fabrication of 10 nm.
  • Designed for Virtual Reality.
  • Compatible with DDR4x dual channel.
  • Compatible with the storage UFS 2.1.
  • Modem X16 LTE with 1 Gbps downstream and 150 Mbps down on 4G.
  • Bluetooth-5.
  • Supports screens with 4K at 60 FPS (perfect for RV).
  • Maximum resolution dual camera of 16 MP with a simple camera of up to 32 MP.
  • Resolution of 4K video at 30 fps.

If you want the other specs at the end, we leave you the official link of the processor, and there you can see all the full specifications since they are too many. We know that Qualcomm is making already in mass the Snapdragon 835 so that we will see this processor very soon, the first mobile phones with this processor come directly in march of 2017 and the LG G6 could also be one of them.

We are looking forward to seeing the first benchmarks of this processor as it seems that they are going to destroy everything we have known up to date. With this new launch the future processor of the Galaxy S8 (not this) is going to have to play very strong if you want to compete with the Snapdragon Qualcomm although we do not doubt that the Exynos will be a benchmark in terms of efficiency.

More information | Qualcomm

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