PUBG Mobile is updated with mode zombies, new climates, and more news

The beta version of PUBG Mobile since we went a mode zombies based on Resident Evil 2 Remake, something that, to date, not even we had imagined in this game stood out for its realism. This very night from 00:00-19th February– this Battle Royale will be updated stable to version 0.11.0, including the mode based on RE2 Remake, new changes in climate and many more new features.

The pace of updates PUBG Mobile is outstanding, demonstrating that their more than 100 million downloads have a justification. This is all that will come to Player Unknows Battleground from the night of the 19th of February

Mode zombies based on RE2 Remake, the great novelty

In the beta version we were able to test the new mode in zombies. it Is a variant more arcade that should be played in squad, and in that while we killed the rest of the players, hordes of zombies will come for us. As goes closing the circle the zombies are becoming stronger and more numerous, until you reach a point in which it is virtually impossible to kill them without the help of the squad. airdrop or cases of supplies have been replaced by zombies heads, which will have to defeat to get a good loot. In addition to this mode, zombies, PUBG Mobile you receive the new developments listed below.

  • Added weather moonlight to Vikendi

  • Added spaces for players

  • you can Already play in Sanhok in arcade mode

  • Added theme and music of Resident Evil 2 on the menu

  • You can disable the shadow from the settings to improve the performance

  • fixed some graphic bugs suffered in low-end devices

The Battle Royale is updated big, with a new climate for Vikendi, his last and recent map nevado, various improvements and the main protagonist, the based mode in RE2 Remake. The update will start to distribute from 00:00 on the 19th of February, so that its arrival is imminent.

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