Problems with the new update of Clash of Clans

Problemas actualización COC

The new update of Clash of Clans December finally arrives at the game, it is more, this update comes so strong that day have already entered in maintenance a few times and have already updated several times.

The new update of Clash of Clans adds a lot of things, the town hall at level 11, a new hero, a new system of shields and more things but also has brought a lot of trouble game. Some users can not update Clash of Clans from Google Play, others who have updated can not attack and many others see the game with the servers in maintenance, apparently there are a lot of problems that do not give fixed.

The problems will be arranged for a time to another but it may be that at the time of reading the article they are again in maintenance or working, we don’t know, the new update has brought many changes in Supercell may the development team is throwing smoke.

What are the main new features of the latest update of Clash of Clans?

There are some more improvements that notable, but some of them stand out above all:

  • can improve the town hall level 11: With the town hall at level 11 you get a new hero I talked about this morning, the great sentinel, and, in addition, a new defense, the eagle artillery.
  • There are new levels of troop, new levels for certain defenses and may be able to donate spells like potions, here’s how to donate spells in Clash of Clans.
  • The shields have been changed, the new design and way in which you deploy the shields allow you to attack at any time even with shields active that gives more life to the game and not leave it to the users creating strong and without attack, it increases the interaction of the title.
  • As in most of the updates also have been added to some bonus for leagues and more trophies new.

If you’re still having problems with the update and can’t download the update through the Play Store here .APK.

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