Pokémon GO: There is a secret that nobody knows about yet

pokemon-go-actualizacion-bonusPokémon GO has been, without doubt, the implementation of this year. The game of augmented reality got a crown in your day lists apps most downloaded in record time, and with great difference compared to their competitors. Unfortunately, although it is still frequented by millions of users, has lost part of its fame initial.

With the objective of achieving the success that he had during the first few months, the people of Niantic plans already include the Pokémon of the second generation. However, seems to be that you have not discovered everything that is thought about the game, since according to Niantic, Pokémon GO still harbors a secret that no one until now has revealed.

No one has discovered the easter egg secret Pokémon GO

pokemon-go-sobrepeso-nin%cc%83os-2Thanks to the Android Authority, we have been able to know the statements of the CEO of Niantic’s John Hanke to GamesRadar, in which Hanke says that “there will always be secrets hidden in the game, since we’re adding in a continuous manner”. However, the CEO of Niantic does not stop there, if you do not that specifies a little more.

“today, there are one hidden –a easter egg–, and we will see how it develops the theme over the next few weeks”. Unfortunately, this is all he has wanted to tell the media, because when the interviewer of Games Radar asked if the easter egg was introduced with the update of Halloween, Hanke was limited to respond that it would not provide more clues.

Lately, there has been a large number of reflections in the networks about the possible secrets that still hide Pokémon GO, and the more force has claimed it is the Ditto, the mysterious Pokémon that no-one has yet managed to locate. Unfortunately, for the moment at least, we’ll have to wait until a player discover what happens with Ditto.

are you Still playing Pokémon GO?Do you have any theory about where it can be hidden Ditto?

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