Pokémon GO solve the problems of the radar

Today I bring good news if you are someone that still plays Pokémon and Go. Because as sure you’ll agree, the radar in Pokémon GO has been one of the innovations most in-demand… because, after many changes, at the beginning of December we told you that Niantic activated the radar again to find more easy to the Pokémon. However, the problems did not take long to appear… but today we have good news to give you, because Pokémon GO solve the problems of the radar.

During the past few days, many players were experiencing problems with the notifications resulting from the new radar. But it all could have been fixed with success.


Pokémon GO solve the problems of the radar

Because many players have remained from the problems with notifications, Niantic has not been quick to come to give a solution. Let us remember that these problems have to do with the vibration incorrect the phone at the time of receiving the notifications of the game. Players receive notifications at the wrong time… what does that do not serve for nothing, and the worst, which is really uncomfortable and annoying. For this reason, Niantic has recognized the problem and has announced that it is working on a solutionn.

We are working on a solution for the bug that causes a vibration that is wrong with the radar of Pokémon GO.

The solution will arrive as soon as possible

The good news is that the solution will come as soon as possible, so that it is very likely that when you read this you will already have arrived… we will soon have a new update Pokémon GO available for Android that will fix the problem with the radar. So if you suffer from problems with vibration, don’t worry, because it is a matter of time until it is resolved completely. Is already on its way and will be effective.

We are facing one of the great novelties of the game. And you could not go to any party or give problems. So quiet, because soon will be up and running as it deserves.