Pokémon GO offers all the details of the Fighting Trainer

Pokémon GO does not stop to prepare surprises to improve the game experience to the users. Recently announced the official arrival of the fighting between coaches, one of the features most anticipated by the fans of the game of Niantic, and the return of six legendary Pokémon in December. After days of doubts, the fighting between coaches have revealed all their details.

This morning, and after several days launching a series of teasers, the official Twitter account of Pokémon GO announcing that throughout the day would know all the details of the fighting between coaches. Now, the company developing the game to the end, it has announced all of the features of the fighting between coaches, offering the possibility to users to fight against other players to earn rewards, and new Pokémon.

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through a statement on its official website, the Pokémon GO has detailed features of the Combat Trainer that will come soon to the application of Niantic. Starting this month of December, players will be able to challenge a friend or another coach in such combat whenever you want to thanks to a code of combat. The user shall create a team of three Pokémon to fight in combat.

Fighting fast and in real-time

once a combat ends, both participants will gain great rewards, including Objects of evolution are difficult to find. To ensure battles matched, the coaches will have to compete in the same league of fighting Trainer, and thus determines the limit of PC of Pokémon participants. Pokémon GO, has confirmed that the fighting will be fast and in real-time, so that users should not wait to get their turn.

Pokemon may run their movements of attack fast and attack loaded. Before the challenge, the user will be able to use Powders, Stellar and Candies to unlock a bonus charge attack to his Pokémon. At the time of the fight, it is important to use the head, which can be used as a protective shield to defend against damage in critical situations, although they are limited.

To fight against another player, in general, both should be close to start the fight. However, coaches with ultraamistad and friendship without equal you will be able to challenge from any location without limit of distance. The Fighting Trainer can come this month, on a date yet to be determined, and will also allow users to cope with the team leaders, Spark, Candela and Blanche, in a battles that will reward Powders, Stellar to increase the power of Pokémon, among other objects.

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