Pokémon GO: new function to find Pokémon nearby is a little closer

Conectar Pokémon GO Plus a smartphoneWe agree that Pokémon GO is not going through its best moment by far. The peak of users that used the app daily when it was launched the first version in summer has been reduced to a high number of users but that away a lot from what it was in your day. One of the problems is that the game had no system in conditions that would allow us to see what Pokémon were close to our location, and Niantic seems to want to fix that.

If we look back a couple of months, we will remember that Niantic Labs had begun to test a new locator feature of Pokémon nearby in some parts of San Francisco. Now it seems that the company is expanding that test to the rest of the united States, but only in certain cities. Although it may seem somewhat distant, it is certain that if you are fans of Pokémon GO this are you interested in.

In a publication by the official blog of Pokémon GO, Niantic has confirmed that the feature “Pokémon nearby” has been activated in whole the area of the San Francisco Bay area, some parts of Arizona and the Seattle area (Washington). The company adds that it will continue to receive the feedback of the players of Pokémon GO in these regions and that will make changes in the system location if necessary before expanding to more areas.

Nuevo sistema de localización Pokémon GOAs I discussed in this article, the new “Pokémon nearby” allowed us to see not only that the creatures were near us but also what Pokeparadas had close to, with its respective photo. When we choose the Pokémon that we’re looking for we arrive at a bird’s-eye view that will take us to the exact zone, which is the Pokémon in question. In addition, this feature will alert us if the Pokemon we are looking for you decide to leave the area. We do not know when will come the function, but in terms of what we know we will get.

What would be the system of localization of Pokémon, a perfect fit for you?

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