Pokémon GO is already the most downloaded game

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Pokémon GO record-breaking downloads in 2016. It is the most downloaded game of the moment, and we are not surprised, because many grew up with Pokémon and it is a pass that has landed on Android and iOS this way. It is spectacular. These days, Pokémon GO, has experienced many problems, because in its release (by APK) and in some countries through the Google Play, it does not expect a volume as high of users, so that the servers are fallen and with problems.

, we Believed that Clash Royale or Clash of Clans insurmountable, but it is true that until the guys from Supercell are surprised. Now if you want to find a tournament in the Clash Royale should have it easier, because many users are already playing Pokémon GO. Is being a tremendous success.

Pokemon Go Android

Pokémon GO breaking records in downloads in 2016

Is countless number of players who are already playing Pokémon GO. It is normal that you are experiencing many problems these days, because the game is really going wrong. Too many users connected at the same time, so much so that the servers are down all the time.

Yesterday night, I went out to capture Pokémon of water to the beach and not even worked. A complete disaster. But it is what it touches. This launch, as expected, and so incredible, is making a fall more than the creators had expected (and that has not yet come officially to all countries), because here we are opting for the APK.

If you haven’t tried it, you will understand of what I speak, because it is very addictive. If Clash Royale, Pokémon GO also. Although it is quite different, because it forces you to get more out of the house, because you have to walk and walk, and discover new places to capture Pokémon.

deserves the number 1

A very special game, that deserves to be number 1 in downloads.

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Get from here APK Pokémon GO.

What do you think that Pokémon GO is the number 1 right now? Do you like over other games? To me, I still like more Clash Royale, but who knows with time what could happen.

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