Pokémon GO is about to come out of the top 10 games are most profitable, these are the other 9

Pokemon GO, imagen destacada

After several years of comings and goings, games, and consoles that are not finished off, and, in short, a time not too glorious, last summer Nintendo, along Niantic, he gave a blow on the table, revolutionizing the video game industry to mobile with its new creation based on augmented reality: Pokémon GO.

But like everything in life, success is also limited, because even having reached the impressive figure of 1,000 million dollars in benefits, and after several months settled in the top 10, Pokémon GO is about to fall out of the ranking of games most profitable available in the Google Play, where you fight with 9 other games that we see below.

Pokémon GO, to the point of falling out of the top 10 games more profitable on Google Play


This ranking, whose members can be seen in full on the relevant page of Google Play, is formed by games that, even being free to be downloaded, generate income to the developers, mainly due to payments in-app.

Just a position below Pokémon GO we find Gardenscapes, a game puzzle in which we are going to have to build the garden of our dreams by earning points in the different games, which have a theme very similar to that of the saga, Candy Crush.

on the other hand, the number 8 of the top what is the strategy; Mobile Strikes, the popular game in which we will have create an entire army to be able to win as many battles as possible, sneaks in the ranking thanks to your purchases in-app between 1,09 and 349,99 euros.

Fire Emblem Android

Coming this week in the rankings we find one of the brothers Pokémon GO. Fire Emblem Heroes, the latest creation from Nintendo to mobile, which, by the way we have already tested, is located in the position number 7, although we do not rule out seeing her very soon close to the first positions if it continues at this pace.

Candy Crush Soda, the well-known puzzle game, to which many others have tried to imitate them, are left at the doors of the top 6 of the ranking of games more profitable, with a not inconsiderable sixth position.

Another of the that can not miss in this top is Clash of Kings, the strategy game based on battles medieval it is with the fifth position of the ranking, only surpassed by 4 of the most popular games available in Google Play.

In the fourth position we find Game of War – Fire Age, another massively multiplayer game of strategy, where our primary goal is to create an entire empire and defeat our opponents in different battles.

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And entering the podium ranked games more profitable, can not miss Candy Crush Saga, the original and inimitable puzzle game that so many hours of our lives we have been stolen.

finally, in the first two positions of this top we find the two creations of the company Supercell, Clash of Clans, in second position, and Clash Royale, in head.

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