Pokemoji, a keyboard with emojis of Pokémon


¿You imagine having a keyboard with emojis of Pokémon on your Android? Pokemoji is a keyboard with emojis Pokémon comes to iOS and Android. You’re going to be able to put emojis of Pokémon where you want it and have a great time with these little creatures that are so hooked we have to the game.

For now is not available for download. Surely we have to wait a lot, because it is not yet functional to be used by all of us. This Pokemoji keyboard be able to download soon, at least we hope so. Because the creators, they need the permission of the company in order to launch, for the issue of licences.

emojis pokemon

Pokemoji, keyboard with emojis Pokémon

it Would be a last to be able to use these icons of Pokémon in the main applications. The idea, it would be what we see in the main image. Have a normal keyboard and power with which to write, but that also has the emojis Pokémon (all it would download and it would be a success).

ideally main applications integrated (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others) so that users could write normal, as up to now, but send emojis of Pokémon by WhatsApp. An idea so crazy, but very interesting and that it has conquered the fans.

we Also provide a set of wallpapers for the different devices. What we can see in the main image to give us an idea of what is to come. With this keyboard, you want that community, that those addicted to the game, can trade Pokémon in their conversations.

But for now we can’t have it, because you still have to “fight” for the issues of licenses, and in the end, are the Pokémon and cannot be used without more as you already know.

availability is an unknown

it Is possible that we wait yet a few months until you see it available in the market.

we can’t leave a download link, because it now does not exist.

can You imagine something like that? Do you want to already try it?

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