PokeFit, know the steps and calories burned at the Pokémon GO

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If you play Pokémon GO, you must have an app of sport appropriate, as this of which we speak. PokeFit is the last surprise in the world of apps. App is a complement of Pokémon GO, which will give us information about the distance that we traveled in the game, number of steps, kcal burned and other data.

sportsmen Pokémaníacos, can now test PokeFit. A app ideal for sport and capture Pokémon (because it looks not tired to walk hours and hours behind these Pokémon). Yesterday I walked I don’t know how much time behind an Onyx, and then a Ninetales and the end, nothing. If you want to post this information, with PokeFit is possible.


PokeFit, the app of sports to Pokémon GO

One of the objectives of Pokémon GO is that we put in the form. Although that leave the house to catch Pokémon could be dangerous, because it is not you, but I’ve seen quite a few players playing while you were driving and the car would not be just straight and safe all the time. And is that even though the game allows to go by bike, nor is it very safe, especially if you’re on the town in it.

ideal is to go for a walk, but also to go looking for cars and everything that surrounds us, to not run into any dangerous obstacle. Don’t forget that it is a game, the world keeps turning.

Back to the topic. With PokeFit, you’ll be able to get all the external data of the game. You’ll be able to see beyond Pokémon GO, because it will show the number of steps you’ve walked, calories you have burned, distance in km and more information. So, you can see how much time you spend on the game and the result in calories for your body.

Download PokeFit, it’s free

With this app you’ll be able to extract all this info from the app of Pokémon.

But don’t miss the latter, because it is able to help us to maintain a better battery life and data savings, because we will be showing the information of how it goes this happening.

Although the main goal is to see the statistics of the physical part of, exercise that we do in each session of Pokémon GO. From the app, you’ll be able to see everything easily.

Prúebala already free from the Play Store:

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