Pixoff Battery Saver: starts to save battery life on your Android device

Today we want to talk to you about an app that was recently just updated a few days ago and we love it, because allows you to save battery on phones with AMOLED screens. It is possible that your screen is AMOLED, and if so, you need this app called Pixoff Battery Saver for Android. You have a very good in the Play Store (4,3) and is free. What more can we ask? Effectively with this app for Android free you’ll be able to save energy in your smartphone, you have to try it out, because it is the best you’ll find there to save battery life on your device with the help of applications.

App to save battery on Android: Pixoff Battery Saver

This app allows you to save battery with a filter that turns off pixels. It is so easy to explain though it may seem like something of another world, since you can save battery power with a filter able to turn off the pixels of the screens. Even includes the possibility of filter night, which decreases the light and helps to improve the consumption of the battery, since it puts the bottom of the screen pure black and this makes it hardly consumes energy.

Although it may seem that this app does nothing, because I advance that it works. You can see how going from the above video. Because even though not you see, the AMOLED displays have sub-pixels in different colors, which are as small lights-red, blue or green.

If you turn off the pixels already greatly reduces the power consumption in the terminal as it is logical, because it is not emitting the same level of light. If the screen is displayed in black color, you will not need to emit light. That is to say, the color black and save a lot of energy to be turned off.

Download Pixoff free for Android

Is free and the users are very happy with the app. You’re already taking a long time to test Pixoff, battery Saver. We’ve tested and effectively the mobile get to save a lot of battery this way, by turning off the pixels in the AMOLED screens.

If you are interested in the app, try it for free from the following link to Play Store:

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