Pilates with these 3 apps for Android

Pilates is one of the exercises that has become fashionable in recent years. And if you would like to practice it, but you don’t have enough time to go to the gym, we provide you with a solution. This is the 3 best applications of Pilates for Android. Continue reading and get more information.

Pilates at home

If yours is to work out from home, this application is ideal for you. Pilates at home is a app that offers the best routine of Pilates exercises to perform them in your home. you don’t need machines or equipment to do the exercises shown in the app. Will also offer tips so that you can complete the coordination of mind, body and spirit that requires the practice of this discipline.

Pilates at home account with training videos for all levels, from beginner to expert. It also offers challenges that you are motivated to want to see you better in a short time. Daily routines are explained step-by-step and follow them to the letter, you will get better results. Without a doubt, a great option to keep you in shape from the comfort of your home. And best of all is that this app is totally free.

you Can download it from Google Play Store via the following link.

Pilates for beginners

If you want to get started in the world of Pilates, this is the app that most will adapt to you. Pilates for beginners is an application focused on people who want to begin the practice of this discipline. For this purpose it offers 23 videos or tutorials with a variety of routines and exercises. All this with the purpose of toning your body and keep it in shape.

it Also has four books or gruías free that you can read to learn more of this modality of exercise. You can also send questions and receive answers to clarify all your doubts regarding the Pilates. The app is free and can be downloaded from the link below.

5 Minutes of Pilates

How its name suggests, with this app you’ll only need to invest 5 minutes to work out. May seem like a short time, but the truth is that it is long enough to do your daily routine. The app has 18 kinds of different exercises and over 100 sessions to make them.

it Also has 3D animations and an excellent timer function so that you can control the time of each routine. Another goodness of this app is that it allows you to select the music you wish to listen while you practice the exercises listed.

¿you Want to have in your mobile? you Only have to follow the following link.

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