PCOLED, the future of displays for mobile

Mejora pantallas OLED a PCOLED

When we talk about mobile and the things we’d like to see in future smartphones of 2016 always mentioned or thought (at least), in a improvement of the autonomy of the mobile. Now, as much as we ask for improvements of autonomy, new technologies, larger screen size, etc, make the duration of battery of the terminal is reduced to a minimum.

it Is for this reason that, in addition to not improve the autonomy, nor is it to improve too much the technologies used to manufacture batteries that represent a major bottleneck to the improvement of many devices.

Pantallas PCOLED

PCOLED, the replacement of the OLED displays

despite the fact that the screens OLED or AMOLED (as they have gained a lot of fame thanks to Samsung) are still improving this technology already has a substitute that has been discovered almost by mistake.

screens PCOLED (Plasmon Coupled Organic Light Emitting Diode) have many advantages but the main ones are a lower battery consumption and duration of the larger panel, since it seems that increases the useful life of the panel OLED 27 times.

Is generated by the pure white with two panels of green and one red

The OLEDS have layers of phosphorescent red and green stacked on a blue to achieve white light, and this provision seems to limit the useful life of the device, in contrast, in the PCOLED replaced the layer of phosphorescent blue-green in a way that will increase the life of the previous 27 times.

By the time it is not known what manufacturers are encouraged to manufacture this type of screens because Samsung is very happy with the AMOLED screens but… who knows. There are screens RGB but RGG that still have a white more pure. This discovery seems to have been done by mistake but by the time they are already with the tests so that this technology could not arrive too late to the market but still has to improve a lot.

The OLED displays already have a substitute, let’s hope that does not burn as much as the first AMOLED screens from Samsung that with the passage of time were hurting and these last longer work much, much better.

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