Payments of Telegram: mode of Operation

The eternal competition between Telegram and WhatsApp seem to have no end. It is known the tendency of both applications to copy functions from one another. This makes his identical features, and makes it complicated to many users to choose one of them. As you may expect, today we’re going to address this issue. It may be that some of you will remember the rumors of WhatsApp introducing payments in the application. Now, it seems that Telegram is working on something identical and enter the payments on the.

in response To the problems with the the lack of synchronization between the applications of the banks, and the lack of success of Android Pay, it may be a good time to Telegram. After many rumors and uncertainties, it seems that we can know more information on payments.

How the payouts work in Telegram

Has been the own creator of the application which has revealed more information about the operation of the payment. Pavel Durov has commented on some of the keys to be able to understand the payments on your application.

How are going to work out the payments? it Is expected that within a short Telegram enter a new button. It is a button-payment. When pressed, we will get that is necessary fill in a information about our credit card. This way you can proceed with the payment. According to the creator himself has said it will only be necessary to fill in the information on the credit card in a occasion. Telegram is not going to get any benefit on such transactions, at least so they say. Another thing of huge importance, the security. For those who are not entirely sure of, does not save your credit card information credit. are Not going to manage refunds.

it Is expected that this system of payments is introduced in brief, although Pavel has not commented on any specific date, so it is still waiting. Once you have entered the system we will be able to see if payments through Telegram are useful, and very important insurance. What do you think of this system of payments? Do you intend to use it in the future?

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