Passive Wi-Fi, is this the end of Bluetooth?

Passive Wi-Fi

We believe that the purpose of the Bluetooth is near, because the Wi-Fi is evolving faster and could eat it with potatoes. Yes it is true that Bluetooth 4.0 introduced improvements for the energy consumption, something we have had to see the wearables, because we need energy to last more than a day in active. However, recent advances in Wi-Fi could take up the slack, especially Passive Wi-Fi. We tell you what is this all about:

What is Passive Wi-Fi?

This last advance Passive Wi-Fi, seeks to reduce the consumption of energy, we, that is your main goal. We’re looking at a prototype of Wi-Fi that would be 11 times faster than Bluetooth, in addition to 1,000 times more efficient. You can not miss the following video, which is also official and has no waste in it you can see where I might be able to get:

But for the moment, it is only a prototype. Passive Wi-Fi will continue to grow for the better. Should continue to improve in energy consumption and in the speed of transfer. With this, it would become the ideal alternative to Bluetooth in all senses, both for mobile devices, such as watches and LoT.

Ideal for the Internet of things

How does it work? Passive Wi-Fi applied to backscattering, and it would be ideal to approach it to devices LoT. They take advantage of transmissions from other devices issue information up to 11 Mbps. This causes it to be highly efficient, because let’s say that you somehow “take advantage” all that is.

In the near future, what we will see in our houses. So it is important for this technology to grow, improve and get stronger. By now, we already know of its existence. And it will be good that comes to smartwatches, because Bluetooth consumes too much energy and want more autonomy.

What do you think of Passive Wi-Fi? What is the future and the end of the Bluetooth?

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